Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall, 2014


Boiler Room Suite is receiving a new production by Waterloo's Lost and Found Theatre. I'll be doing a talkback after the performance on November 8.

November 5-15, 2014

at the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre
9 Princess Street, Waterloo

Tuesday-Saturday @ 8pm
Saturday-Sunday @ 2pm

Director: Richard Quesnel
Cast: Kathleen Sheehy, George Joyce and Alan K. Sapp
Set Design:  Nicole Lee Quesnel
Lighting Design:  Kirsten Watt
Sound Design:  Terry Barna

“Ah, they will say of us – how brave, how adventuresome – to launch off on a brand new voyage of discovery at a time when most would have given up...” -- Sprugg

Aggie Rose, a former actress, and Sprugg, a failed poet, are two elderly tramps who climb into the boiler room of an abandoned hotel on the Prairies to seek refuge from winter and from the world.  Together in the shelter of their “suite,” they deflate the pompous and powerful, acting out their fantasies as they try to bring "a little warmth, a little human kindness to each other's lives" until the outside world interrupts their reverie with the arrival of a mysterious stranger.
Winner of the 1977 Canadian  Authors Association Award for Drama.


Rita's latest in print:

Rita Shelton Deverell’s chapter Vocal Scholaristry: Giving Voice to the Art, Craft, Effectiveness, and Excitement of Speech-making is included in the October 2014 just published book Performing Scholaristry, $39.95, Twenty authors reflect on issues, dilemmas, provocations and inspirations associated with imagining, designing, creating and performing non-traditional, innovative research projects.

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