Thursday, May 20, 2010

Current Rita and Rex Deverell News

Rex Deverell has returned to Halifax after the first phase of PROJECT ACT - an amazing Mixed Company forum theatre project about fitness, nutrition, body image, and substance abuse created for the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion.
Yesterday, he led a workshop with Club Sandwich in New Minas, Nova Scotia. In the evening, workshop participants demonstrated forum theatre techniques at the Kent County Schizophrenic Society's AGM.

Rita Deverell is finishing her first year of two as the Nancy Chair of Women's Studies at Mount St. Vincent University. (See earlier posts)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Rex's Current Script Writing Projects

Diss, a Mixed Company forum theatre play about youth gangs and gun violence is touring schools in the Greater Toronto area and receiving rave reviews from students and teachers alike.
Project Act, another Mixed Company initiative is in development. Project Act is addressed to youth, grades 6-9 and is about making healthy choices related to fitness, nutrition, and substance issues. The pilot production begins its tour on Monday, May 10 and will visit schools in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, and Toronto.