Saturday, August 18, 2012

 In development
”Inventurer” -- an App for IPhones and mobile devices
Lead Animator/Director, Shelton Ramsay Deverell

The slogan is “Every Adventure of the Mind”. The game will teach kids about the lives of real-life inventors, beginning with inventors of Caribbean ancestry. The kids will play a fictional problem solving time traveler. This will help them learn about the history of science and the moments that lead to crucial breakthroughs.
“McCarthy and the Old Woman” – a feature-length POV docu-drama
Producer: Zoot Pictures, Saskatchewan
Writer/Presenter/Actor: Rita Shelton Deverell
The true life story of feisty suffragette and theatre diva Florence James, who thrives in frigid Saskatchewan, after a hot USA cold war. Florence confronts the Washington state committee on un-American Activities, the blacklist, and bankruptcy.

“Women, Contemporary Aboriginal Issues, and Resistance” – a best practices kit

Principal Investigator: Rita Shelton Deverell
With a 2012-13 SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) grant to Mount Saint Vincent University, the purpose of the project is to disseminate, to widely varied communities, our dialogues between Aboriginal women who are scholars/artists/activists and non-Aboriginal citizens.



Projet Actif

By Rex Deverell
A Mixed Theatre Company Production 
Coming to a school or community centre near you  - the French version of Project Act - a forum theatre play about health, fitness, and self image. Contact Mixed Company Theatre for a schedule.



By Rex Deverell

Sarasvati Theatre's Winnipeg production of the play about youth gangs and gun violence touring this fall. Contact Sarasvati at

Friday, July 06, 2012

June, July, 2012: Activities:

June 2: Rita and Rex gave a performance lecture "Naming and Renaming" - the Annual Rushton Lecture at Acadia University.
June 4: They set off back to Upper Canada and their home near Orillia.
June 14: To Houston, Texas
June 16: Rita held a cousin's reunion in Houston.
June 17-21: Rita researched her mother's papers in the Houston Public Library Archives for a yet to be announced project.
June 21-24: Attended Rita's 50th High School Reunion (Jack Yates HS)
June 24: Returned to Toronto
June 26: Rex flew to Winnipeg. He gave a reading from his work at McNally Robinson Book Store and spent the next three days working on a Winnipeg version of his play Diss with Sarasvati Theatre. Rita flew to Nova Scotia to be a workshop actor for a new play byAntigonish writer Tara Lee Reddick at Mulgrave Road Theatre.
June 29: Both of them returned to Ontario - went to a family barbecue on the 30th. Rita intends to put her feet up for much of July. Rex has to work on revisions for Projet Actif - the French version of Mixed Company's Project Act - and prepare the Diss script.

Rita has finished her Nancy's Chair appointment at MSVU - however she will continue to be seen on campus periodically during the coming year. She has begun a new research project and MSVU has made her an adjunct professor.

Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 -News So Far...

Rex has just led a workshop called "Drama Meets Faith" in Halifax. Organized by Miro Rak, a former student of Rex's at McMaster, the three session workshop employed forum theatre techniques and discussion to look at faith as "The Courage to be, The Courage to Confront, and The Courage to Act.

At Mt. St. Vincent University, Rita has now reached the final semester of her time as Nancy's Chair in Womens Studies.  For this semester she has designed a course in "Women, Contemporary Aboriginal Issues, and Resistance."  Around the course, a number of public events are being held as well as sessions with high school students.  Several distinguished aborignal academics and artists have come to MSVU to meet with students and the public. To know more follow this link:

Project Act - Rex's play about health and fitness issues for young audiences - has been translated into French by Montreal playwright and translator, Marie Eve Gagnon. This version, Projet Actif,  is slated for a Mixed Company Theatre tour in the 2012-2013 season.