Friday, July 06, 2012

June, July, 2012: Activities:

June 2: Rita and Rex gave a performance lecture "Naming and Renaming" - the Annual Rushton Lecture at Acadia University.
June 4: They set off back to Upper Canada and their home near Orillia.
June 14: To Houston, Texas
June 16: Rita held a cousin's reunion in Houston.
June 17-21: Rita researched her mother's papers in the Houston Public Library Archives for a yet to be announced project.
June 21-24: Attended Rita's 50th High School Reunion (Jack Yates HS)
June 24: Returned to Toronto
June 26: Rex flew to Winnipeg. He gave a reading from his work at McNally Robinson Book Store and spent the next three days working on a Winnipeg version of his play Diss with Sarasvati Theatre. Rita flew to Nova Scotia to be a workshop actor for a new play byAntigonish writer Tara Lee Reddick at Mulgrave Road Theatre.
June 29: Both of them returned to Ontario - went to a family barbecue on the 30th. Rita intends to put her feet up for much of July. Rex has to work on revisions for Projet Actif - the French version of Mixed Company's Project Act - and prepare the Diss script.

Rita has finished her Nancy's Chair appointment at MSVU - however she will continue to be seen on campus periodically during the coming year. She has begun a new research project and MSVU has made her an adjunct professor.

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