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Rita on CBC TV's Test the Nation!!!

Sunday, September 7 is the official broadcast date for Test the Nation: Canada, eh?! Tune in from 8-10pm anywhere in Canada to CBC Television!

The website will go LIVE on Thursday, August 7 so invite your family and friends to take a practice test before the show.


Big Ease, Big Sleaze: Six Characters in Search of Disaster makes its world debut at Winnipeg's Fringe
Winnipeg, July 2, 2008

Remember the images of Hurricane Katrina? Remember being a helpless witness to that massive loss of life, watching the unbelievable official indifference to the destruction of' families, homes, whole communities? What if you could revisit those traumatic days in 2005? What if you could lend a hand now and change the experience for some of the victims? Would you do it in the Big Easy? Or some of the world’s other trouble spots?

Big Ease, Big Sleaze is the story of six zany characters, one of them Canadian, who chose to do just that. They are ordinary people whose humour and heroism will move you beyond cynicism to laughter, to tears, and hope.

Rita Deverell is the creator of two previous Winnipeg Fringe Festival Hits: Smoked Glass Ceiling (2005) and McCarthy and the Old Woman (2006) She also appeared as a compelling witch in Rex Deverell's standing room only production of Wild Magic (2007).

When Katrina hit New Orleans, Rita Deverell was News Director at Winnipeg's Aboriginal People's Television Network.” As s black woman from the South, I suffered nightmares from the endless photos of Katrina’s dead. And my Aboriginal colleagues convinced me that the same death and destruction could be, and is, visited on them. Big Ease, Big Sleaze was born in my soul in those post-Katrina days.”

This is the second Deverell play directed by noted Winnipegger Cairn Moore, known for her work with Prairie Theatre Exchange and the University of Winnipeg.
Big Ease, Big Sleaze, Rita’s third one-woman show, is at the Exchange Community Church.

Media Contacts: or at 204-275-5757
Rita Shelton Deverell, 416-434-0758; -- in Winnipeg from July 14.

RJ Deverell Productions

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