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this September.

“She Said Saffron,” with remarkable, funny, talented, performer/dancer/writer Lisa Pijuan-Nomura. Lisa tells all about the slings and arrows of growing up Spanish in Brampton, Ontario.

“Bonhoeffer” an award-winning, sold out, truly riveting drama about the life, faith, and death of a 20th. century hero. Well known South African actor/writer/pastor Peter Krummeck is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We are with the German pastor who rescued hundreds of Jews from the Nazis during WWII, in the last hours before he is hanged.

“She Said Saffron,” in Spanish, Sept. 15 & Dec. 15 – 10pm-11pm ET
In English, Sept. 22nd. & Dec. 22 – 9pm – 10pm ET

“Bonhoeffer,” in German, Sept. 22 & Dec. 22nd. – 10-11pm ET
In English, Sept. Sept. 29 & Dec. 29th. – 9-10pm ET

Rita Shelton Deverell is the Producer/Director of Solo Flight International
RJ Deverell Productions –

The company performed Rex's exciting new play "Wild Magic" at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in July.

WILD MAGIC is the story of MacBeth from the Witches' point of view. The play featured veteran Winnipeg performers, Nancy Drake and Stefanie Wiens with Rita Deverell

More News from RJD

"Bonhoeffer," Peter Krummeck's play about the theologian jailed and executed by the Nazis has been nominated for an award at the Yorkton Film Festival. "Bonhoeffer" is one of a series of fringe festival plays Rita Deverell has produced for the small screen.

A further series, SOLO FLIGHT WEST. will be broadcast on SCN. (Air dates not confirmed as yet)

"WishWorld" Rex Deverell's script about cyberbullying toured Toronto High Schools this spring to acclaim.

"A Home of my Own," a play written with street youth in Toronto, toured shelters and drop in centres in February.

(Both of the above plays were produced in association with Mixed Company. The director was Simon Malbogat, the company's Artistic Director.)

Shelton Deverell has posted a portfolio site of illustration, webdesign, printwork, music and animation. The link is

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